Laser Hair Removal, the Real Deal in Hampshire Pain Free

Since buying the Soprano XL  and going through the rigorous registration process with the Healthcare Commission, Sharron has been operating her business REWIND from a Salon in Romsey since January 2009.

Not a particularly bright move in today’s financial climate one would think but having spent the previous year researching and re training it was now or never!

What sets this particular treatment apart form the rest is that the machine is set at the wavelength of 810nm which is purely set to target the pigmentation in the hair – no other part of the skin is affected, coupled with the in-motion technology and cooling tip ensures a comfortable sensation.

Not to be confused with IPL (intense pulsed light) which is a scattered light delivering a less effective filtered source unlike the single beam of laser from the soprano XL. Normal laser hair removal or IPL feels like being snapped with an elastic band where as the Soprano XL gives a sense of having a warm massage.

Once the follicle has been heated to the appropriate level, it is rendered unable to produce more hair and the stem cells are also destroyed in the nearby muscle.

Leaving the skin silky smooth and without any lumps or bumps caused by in-grown hairs – a major problem for most of us.

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Laser Hair Removal

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