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The ultimate treatment for fresh plump skin

The Cool Lifting gun delivers a powerful CO2 flow combined with a Hyaluronic serum cocktail, this cold high pressure causes increased blood flow, oxygenation and strong penetration of the serum in only 4 minutes. This treatment is enhanced if you have a peel beforehand.

The thermal shock stimulates underlying tissues with an instantaneous dermis reaction to regenerate, improve skin quality and intense collagen stimulation. The skin is cleansed and exfoliated in preparation for the Coolift followed by a relaxing facial massage.

Use just before a red carpet event or follow a course of 6 treatments (twice a week) with a monthly maintenance program to treat facial wrinkles and skin folds.


Special Offer: £75 per treatment

Course of six: £375 – only pay for five!

Normally £100 per treatment

If used with course of 50% glycolic peels pay only £30 per peel – usually £55

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Before and after photos

Before Coolift
After one 4 minute treatment with Coolift
Before Coolift
After one 4 minute treatment with Coolift

Coolift Video – See for yourself